Claudia is the daughter of a California rancher and his city slicker wife. Growing up believing that cowgirl boots are appropriate footwear under a ball gown, she straddled the fence between country and urban life in comfort. It is not surprising now, that her music which has it's roots in the adobe clay of the San Joaquin Valley, should marry with sophisticated lyrics. Delivered by a strong and sensual alto voice, her splintery storytelling is unabashedly intimate, often irreverent, frequently incisive, and joyously silly. In short, she has absolutely no filters as to what it's appropriate to write songs about. The outcome is refreshing.

Claudia has performed in 48 of the 50 states and nine foreign countries. Check the "shows" tab in the navigation bar above to see if she is performing near you. Sign up on the mailing list to the right and you will get an invitation when she does. You'll also receive free downloads and notice of webcasts and podcasts.


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Claudia is in a fabulous new show with some very funny songwriters! Check out "Funny Folk"


Claudia's November touring will include shows in MA, AZ, AR, & TX! It includes some big deal shows including "Funny Females of Folk" in Arizona, (see ad to the left), and a show at the Coituit Center for the Arts in Massachussets. Woo hoo! This is gonna be a fun tour!


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