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Time Tested Tales Told In Tunes Presents...

Full narration with songs and slide show of



These wonderful vintage watercolors were created by Eulalie Banks. Although they are public domain, permission to use them in the show has been granted by her daughter. The audio on this video is a rough mix. Please do not share this unfinished video with the public until this notice is removed.

A born storyteller, Claudia weaves songs into these well known tales that give the stories a fresh new slant, while teaching some important life lessons. With her expressive delivery and clever lyrics, (and a bit of double entendre for the adults in the audience), she offers entertainment for elementary school aged children that has an educational edge. For venues with media screens, the shows can be accompanied by visuals. (Watch video slideshow below for "Little Red Riding Hood" visuals.)

In "Little Red Riding Hood", Claudia's debut musical, there are numerous lessons. The wolf's self-pity lament "I'm So Blue" points out his failure to be accountable for his choices. Red Riding Hood's discovery of the wolf posing as her grandmother in "You Just Don't Seem To Be Yourself Tonight", shows her ability to pay attention to her own gut feelings when danger threatens, and flee. "Cranky" alerts children to be conscious of how their emotions influence their decisions, and also stresses the importance of a sincere apology when a wrong has been committed.




From a solo performance to working with your local theater group, this show will fit your venue. Claudia performs solo for small venues with a limited budget, narrating the story and singing the the songs while accompanying herself on guitar and ukulele. For venues with media screens she can also add visuals.  For larger venues Claudia performs as a duo or trio, adding drama to the narration and giving both color and depth to the songs. 

This show can also be presented in conjunction with a theater group. For drama groups the musical can be geared to the skill set of the participants, from very small children (pantomime and limited singing), to older youth and adults who have some musical and acting ability. With more sophisiticated actors, Claudia functions as the narrator and helps with the music.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS: Claudia will work with children's advocacy organizations or law enforcement agencies to offer a "post-show" discussion on the lessons featured in the performance. Topics for conversation with the audience of "Little Red Riding Hood" would be "stranger danger", boundaries, accountablity, and remorse and forgiveness.

SONGWRITING WORKSHOP: A former salaried songwriter on Nashville's famous music row, Claudia teaches the craft of songwriting to all ages. She offers one on one instruction on the construction of a song, writing better lyrics, creating better melodies, learning new rhythms, where to find inspiration, and how to critique your own songs.

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