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“Nygaard is fearless. She often says in song what many of us

would be reluctant to admit in conversation”.

-Country Standard Time



CLAUDIA NYGAARD writes a song like a surgeon with a fish knife. She scrapes off the scales, pulls the flesh back, and “aims right for the bone.-Making A Scene Magazine. She is a mesmerizing storyteller, a cinematic lyricist, and her work reveals a daredevil’s vulnerability and a complete lack of self-censorship. On her latest album Lucky Girl she tackles unwanted pregnancy, dysfunctional relationships, statutory rape, alcoholism, and betrayal. “These are songs ripped right out of our tumultuous country, and sung with such strong belief that it all feels like a come-to-Jesus experience.”  Americana Highways. But there are also songs on this recording that are heartfelt, humorous, scrappy, and sensual. With a lush amber honey voice that is powerful, resonant, and deeply emotional, Nygaard delivers thirteen little slices of Americana, and “Any one of these songs could emerge as a country standard.” -Goldmine.


Claudia’s writing has won her numerous awards; and radio chart success. The awards began in Los Angeles during the early years of her career, and they propelled her move to Nashville. In Music City she landed a job as a staff songwriter for Greenwood Music Publishing on Nashville’s Music Row. The position gave her the chance to polish her craft, and she went on to win both the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriting Competition; and, with the title cut from her latest album Lucky Girl, the Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Competition. The song rose to #3 on the Folk Alliance Radio song chart and the album to #5. It also received generous airplay on the Americana and roots music charts. The press raved about the recording, the songwriting, and her vocals, and Making A Scene magazine included Lucky Girl in their Top Albums of the Year list, as did several radio stations.


Nygaard’s previous album Let The Storm Roll In achieved similar success grabbing the #1 spot on the Cashbox Roots/Country Chart; and five stars from Maverick magazine. Legendary folk music magazine Sing Out praised her voice and said her songs “rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson”. Her freshman effort Somewhere Else To Go, released on the UK recording label Round Tower, charted in the top five on the European Americana charts. It was also one of the top twelve records of the year in 2001 for the UK magazine Country Music Roundup.


Claudia is a quick witted and charismatic performer, with a twinkle in her eye that convinces everyone in her audience that she is sharing a secret with them alone. And her storytelling doesn’t end when the song does. Sharing both the inspiration behind the tunes, and also frequently creating outlandish, irreverent, and humorous monologues, her patter is as important a part of her performances as the songs themselves.



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