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"Stunning - What a find this is... The whole disc is a sheer delight and a far cry from the mainly faux country material coming out of Nashville these days... this is exceptionally good."  FIVE out of five stars!  Maverick Magazine 


"The immigration saga that accompanies “Big Country” and the naiveté of youth recalled in “J.C.” are relayed from both a tender and touching perspective. Yet Nygaard’s also got a scrappy side to her as well. Her sympathetic homage to Miss Kitty of TV’s “Gunsmoke” fame is absolutely hilarious and her plea to a reticent lover in the song simply titled “Say It” conveys both desperation and desire without resorting to self-pity. Nygaard is a knowing soul and Let The Storm Roll In offers a torrent of wisdom and reflection." Lee Zimmerman, 

No Depression 


“Claudia Nygaard’s music invitingly straddles the fence between country and folk with a band sound that is decidedly unplugged and artfully laid-back in support of her sensually lyrical alto. And then, there’s the matter of her songs-- that rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson in their plainspoken, memoir-like quality, rich with personalized images and a resonant point-of-view.”  Gary Von Tersch, Sing Out Magazine 


“Nothing short of amazing… Comprised of a dozen equally excellent tunes, “Let The  Storm Roll In” reveals Nygaard to be one of Americana music’s hidden gems.”  Jeffrey Sisk, InTune, The Daily News 

"Self-produced, with hand-selected songs from her vast catalog, Nygaard may have quite accidentally created and released one of the finest singer/songwriter/storyteller collections in recent memory... 'His Left Side' is utterly brilliant." Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World 


"In her throw-back-to-the-50s, rich-toned alto, the artist tells story after honest story, making listeners chuckle, choke back tears, and sometimes just nod their heads while her well-crafted pieces wash over them.”  Janet Goodman, Music News Nashville 


Claudia Nygaard turns back the clock to black and white television’s longest running unrequited love, telling the tale of “Miss Kitty” and those damn cold out door showers the lady had to take while courting Marshall Dillon in Gunsmoke. Claudia spins her tales out across acoustics with a country heart. Her voice weaves in and out of the emotions of her characters as diner clatter fades under the beating of two hearts (“What’s Cookin’”), the scent of roses fills the air with painful memories (“Twelve Little Red Heartaches”) and the sound of a pipe whistle leads immigrants to a new shore and life (“Big Country”). With a voice that wiggles into narrow spaces, Claudia Nygaard opens up and lets in a lot of love and hope.”  Alternate Root


"From quiet country/folk story-songs to old-time country roots…from upbeat love-and-heartache songs (delivered by self-described “torch singers in cowboy boots”) to social commentary…from personal ballads to laugh-out-loud humor, Claudia is a consummate storyteller. And her rich, warm voice is well suited for all these styles. On every track, her lyrics are impeccably crafted – witty or moving, catchy or thought-provoking – perfectly attuned to whatever is called for. But it is far more than professional perfection that has made this CD garner critical accolades from reviewers and DJs alike. This album has heart." Jackie Morris, Folkworks 

“Albums like this are timeless and rich and meant to be enjoyed with eyes closed and a willingness to lose yourself in someone else’s story or romance.”  Ellen Marie Hawkins, Relate Magazine  

"How warm and sensual her voice can sound... After this great album, we are all eagerly awaiting a successor." Blowfish  (Belgium) 


"Let The Storm Roll In is a beautiful collection of real life songs written from the heart..." Amanda Johnson, Digital Rodeo


"Claudia Nygaard says she straddles the fence between country and folk. I kind of think she has something there. Most artists either do one or the other. And if they do combine the two styles it usually leaves a lot to be desired. But not so with Claudia. Her music is truly a fine dining experience of both country and folk." Bruce Von Sterns, BVS Reviews 


“Her beautiful , powerful controlled vocals make “Let The Storm Roll In” a must listen.” Jerry W. Henry, Jerry's Music Review Tannehill Trader, AL



Country Music Round-up Magazine chose "Somewhere Else To Go" as one of the top 12 recordings of the year for 2001. The magazine also chose Claudia for the cover and feature interview of the December issue.

The CD received critical praise and extensive airplay overseas. Distributed by European record label Round Tower Music, the first single “I’ve Already Seen This Movie” climbed to the #4 position on the European Media Services chart. It was also chosen the #1 Song Of The Summer by the Country Roads Radio Show in Marseilles, France, and the song “What Her Girlfriends Say”, climbed to the #9 position in Spain. It received wonderful reviews, both in North America and European music magazines that included Country Music Roundup, Country Music International, and Southern Country.


"A woman with a refreshing and  articulate point of view that she uses to the maximum in both her writing and stage presentation... I have the greatest respect for this first album from Claudia Nygaard."  Brian Ahern , Country Music & More


"What comes over is a refreshing individuality that unfortunately is not to be found on today's charts."  Richard Kirk, Country Music Roundup

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