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"Lucky Girl" was the #5 album on the Folk Chart, and chosen one of the top albums of the year by "Making A Scene" Magazine! The title cut  was the winning song at the 2018 Tumbleweed Music Festival Songwriting Competition, and also rose to #3 on the song chart.  



“Powerful and honest... An impressive set from a master musician." Maverick Magazine


 "Any one of these songs could emerge as a
country standard.”   Goldmine


“Nygaard is fearless. She often says

in song what many of us would be reluctant

to admit in conversation.“  Country Standard Time

Lucky Girl


    1. Lucky Girl
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Me Too
    4. A Little Bit Embarrassed
    5. The Codependent's National Anthem
    6. I Wonder
    7. LIke A Moth
    8. Ol' Buick
    9. The Hero
    10. Stitches
    11. Tumblin' Down
    12. Or Not
    13. What I Don't Like About You
    14. Me Too (FCC Version)
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