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This CD was recorded during a performance at Levin Performance Studio on WFMT Radio's show "Folkstage" hosted by Rich Warren, in Chicago, IL on May 2, 2009.  Engineered by Eric Arunas.


Live On WFMT Folkstage


    1. Intro
    2. Coyote
    3. Georgia Boy
    4. I Wanna Look Good In Your Memory
    5. 12 LIttle Red Heartaches
    6. A Little Bit Embarrassed
    7. J.C.
    8. Dumped By A Dweeb
    9. I Want To Touch You
    10. Big Country
    11. Prairie Fire Intro
    12. Prairie Fire
    13. His Left Side
    14. I Don't Need A Man
    15. Chenai
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