In honor of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage,


Is proud to present...


CLAUDIA NYGAARD‘s new show “A Girl’s Night Out” is a musical tribute to women in honor of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. Nygaard is a charismatic singer/songwriter and storyteller with a quick wit, and her songs are heartfelt, humorous, scrappy, and sensual little slices of Americana. She delivers them with an amber honey voice and sandwiches them in between outlandish monologues, and a daredevil vulnerability.

The show begins with “Lucky Girl” a song about the strength and courage of Claudia’s great grandmothers as they left “the old country” and settled in this new land of America.


Claudia then hilariously pokes fun at the 1950s television portrayals of women with “Miss Kitty”, (Video available for multi-media screens) and shares the heartache of women who “got themselves into trouble” in the 50s and 60s with “I Wonder”. (Audio player below.)

The show ushers in the 70s with the humorous “I Don’t Need A Man, I Just Want One”, as women got the pill and with it “liberation”. This is followed by numerous songs about the battles of the sexes: from the funny “La Petite Mort”, “Dumped By A Dweeb”, and “I Wonder If I’ll Miss You When You’re Dead”, to 

commentaries on dysfunctional relationships in “Stitches” and “The Codependent’s National Anthem”. But this isn’t a show about man bashing. There are plenty of songs like “What I Don’t Like About You (I Love)” that will make the fellas in the audience feel loved and appreciated too.

Claudia brings the show to the present with the contemporary “Me Too”, and puts the shame back on the one who did the damage. She then lifts the audience back up with “Let The Storm Roll In”, a song where her voice soars with an indomitable faith in love. The show closes as Claudia incorporates American Sign Language in her stirring a cappella performance of “I Believe”.

Nygaard is a former music row staff songwriter, and a winner of both the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival and Tumbleweed Music Festival songwriting competitions. She has just released a new album “Lucky Girl” to rave reviews, and is in the process of recording a children’s mini musical based on fairytales called “Time Tested Tales Told in Tunes”.  



“I am continually amazed by the emotions she can evoke; heart wrenching (I cry every time), to a social statement ... to sexy and funny ...  Always delighted to have her at
Dalis Allen, Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX.


“Claudia is a witty, talented songwriter and also an engaging performer. The audiences loved her and I would be thrilled to have her grace our stage again.” Ruth Condon, Cotuit Center For the Arts, and Wellfleet Preservation Hall, Cape Cod, MA


“Few solo artists can capture a festival crowd and instantly turn them into an attentive audience.  Claudia Nygaard is one such singer/songwriter.  Her songs range from heartwarming to whimsical, and are woven into an engaging performance hard to match (or equal)”. Tom Barrett, Black Hawk Folk Festival, Wautoma, WI


“The Old Sloop Coffeehouse audience loved Claudia Nygaard.  Her heartfelt songwriting and engaging stories moved the audience from laughter to tears.” Celene and Geof Lyon, Old Sloop Coffeehouse, Rockport, MA


“Several of her songs made us cry, and several made us laugh until tears fell. I highly recommend Claudia for a concert - you, and your audience, won’t be sorry!”  Blair Larsen, Bridger Folk Society, Logan, UT