"Few solo artists can capture a festival crowd and isntantly turn them into an attentive audience. Claudia Nygaard is one such singer/songwriter. Her songs range from heartwarming to whimsical, and are woven into an engaging performance hard to match (0r equal) as she straddles all genres in contemporary acoustic music." Tom Barrett, Black Hawk Folk Festival, Wautoma, WI

“I am continually amazed by the emotions she can evoke; heart wrenching I cry every time, to a social statement which could be a call to action or at least some inner searching, to sexy and funny that leaves everyone in the room delightfully joyfully heated. She is a pleasure to work with and gives her best every time. Always delighted to have her at Kerrville!” Dalis Allen, Producer of the Kerrville Folk Festival, Kerrville, TX





"Claudia is a witty, talented songwriter and an engaging performer. The audiences loved her and I would be thrilled to have her grace our stage again!" Ruth Condon, Cotuit Center For The Arts, Cape Cod MA

"Several of her songs made us cry, and several made us laugh until tears fell. I highly recommend Claudia for a concert - you, and your audience, won't be sorry!" Blair Larsen, Bridger Folk Society, Logan, UT

"A number of folks approached me after the show and said they thought she was the best performer to appear  in our series to date. That is really saying something!" Herb Goslin, Folk At The Landings, Savannah, GA

"Claudia Nygaard is a stunning singer/songwriter who is just as adept at telling a story as she is at singing a song. With her warmth and wit she has a way of connecting with the audience as few performers do." Valerie Birk, Edgars Coffeehouse, Chicago, IL

"The Old Sloop Coffeehouse audience loved Claudia Nygaard! Her heartfelt songwriting and engaging stories moved the audience from laughter to tears. Celene & Geoff Lyon, Old Sloop Coffeehouse, Rockport, MA



Claudia Nygaard delivers songs that are heartfelt, humorous, scrappy, and sensual, and so are the stories she tells in between them. With a twinkle in her eye that makes everyone in the audience think she is sharing a secret with them alone, she fearlessly exposes a rare vulnerability and tenderness one moment, then a quick wit and an outlandish, irreverent sense of humor the next. Her music straddles the fence between folk and country, and is delivered by a voice like amber honey that is impressive for both its power and intimacy.

As a salaried staff songwriter on Nashville’s Music Row, Nygaard learned her craft well. Her last CD “Let The Storm Roll In” rose to #1 on the Cashbox Roots/Country chart and #8 on the Folk DJ chart with EVERY song receiving airplay. “Storm” was also highly praised by the press. It received five stars from Americana benchmark “Maverick” magazine, and legendary folk music magazine “Sing Out” claimed the songs“ rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson”. She has recently run a successful crowdfunding campaign, and is working on a new CD set for release in 2017.

Claudia tours tirelessly, and has torn up the highways of all 50 states and nine foreign countries. She has appeared at over 200 fairs & festivals, including the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas where she won the Grassy Hill songwriting competition, and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in New York where she was chosen an “Emerging Artist”. Endorsements from merchandisers attest to her strength as a guitarist, and she accompanies herself in performance on a Tacoma Jumbo acoustic guitar, an Eastman hollow body archtop electric, and her tiny but bravado-drenched Lanakai ukulele.



(This show is geared to cowboy poetry festivals and other western music venues.)



PHONE: 615-336-1392



Claudia's Children's show...


Time Tested Tales Told In Tunes

A born storyteller, Claudia weaves her delightful original songs into well known fairytales that give the stories a fresh new slant, while teaching some important life lessons.

Claudia performs the show solo for libraries and small venues, and as a duo for larger venues. She can also perform in conjunction with a theater group. The musical can be geared to the skillset of the participants, from very small children (pantomime and limited singing) to older youth and adults who have some musical and acting ability. With more sophisiticated actors, Claudia functions as the narrator and helps with the music.



Claudia's debut musical is "Little Red Riding Hood". The songs range from a tender song about a baby tree and the circle of life - called "The Evergreen", to the bluesy wolf's self-pity lament "I'm So Blue" (which points out his failure to be accountable for his choices), and the upbeat and sassy "You Just Don't Seem To Be Yourself Tonight", delivered by Red Riding Hood when she discovers the wolf posing as her grandmother.





"Stunning - What a find this is...  The whole disc is a sheer delight and a far cry from the mainly faux country material coming out of Nashville these days... this is exceptionally good."  *****Five stars!  Maverick Magazine

“Claudia Nygaard’s music invitingly straddles the fence between country and folk with a band sound that is decidedly unplugged and artfully laid-back in support of her sensually lyrical alto. And then, there’s the matter of her songs-- that rival the likes of Guy Clark or Ian Tyson in their plainspoken, memoir-like quality, rich with personalized images and a resonant point-of-view.” Sing Out Magazine

"The immigration saga that accompanies “Big Country” and the naiveté of youth recalled in “J.C.” are relayed from both a tender and touching perspective. Yet Nygaard’s also got a scrappy side to her as well. Her sympathetic homage to Miss Kitty of TV’s “Gunsmoke” fame is absolutely hilarious and her plea to a reticent lover in the song simply titled “Say It” conveys both desperation and desire without resorting to self-pity. Nygaard is a knowing soul and Let The Storm Roll In offers a torrent of wisdom and reflection."
No Depression

“Nothing short of amazing… Comprised of a dozen equally excellent tunes, “Let The Storm Roll In” reveals Nygaard to be one of Americana music’s hidden gems.”  In Tune, The Daily News

"One of the finest singer/songwriter/storyteller collections in recent memory... 'His Left Side' is utterly brilliant." Wildy, Wildy's World





SONGWRITING: "So you think that song is finished?"

A former Nashville Music Row staff songwriter, and a winner of many songwriting awards including the Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, Claudia's workshop offers a checklist to make sure your song has no "holes". She offers individual critiques, and the tools to write the best song you can write, every time you write a song.

BEGINNING SONGWRITING: It's songwriting, not poetry!"

Whether you are a teenager or a retiree it's not too late to learn the fundamentals of writing a good song. This workshop focuses on the craft of writing, where to find inspiration, and how to critique yourself.